Thursday, February 18, 2010

My split personality

Have you ever thought that you had a second personality? Well, maybe it's not that normal to think, but this weekend confirmed it for me - there are two Amandas in me! One is Amanda, good old American girl, chatty and really outgoing, and the other is Uhmunduh (that's how the Spanish pronounce my name) who is kind of shy and gets nervous when she speaks in Spanish. Righty-o, I have two personalities.

Most of you know the regular Amanda, so you would be suprised to meet my Spanish personality. I guess because I can't speak perfectly in Spanish, I get jittery when I start talking to new people. I'm great at the introducing, telling about my life and all that jazz, but if I were to start having a conversation about who knows - politics or something like that - I kind of clam up.

I noticed it this weekend when Erika and I were at the parade in Hondarribia for carnival. We met up with two of her friends who only speak Spanish. I had met one of them before and she noted how much my Spanish has improved since last year. Still though, as soon as the conversation turns to Spanish I seem to turn off my quirky comments and silly anecdotes, but I guess with more and more practice they will come back.

I've started to make more of an effort to hang out with Spanish-speaking people as well as talk to the bartenders at the coffee shops and such, just to practice. Everyone says my accent is spot-on, but I of course keep wanting to improve my grammar and vocabulary! An on-going quest it seems :)

Nothing too exciting this week, I just got to thinking about my dual-life and thought I would share it with you all - those who know the real Amanda!

Amanda and Uhmunduh

Oh and PS - the picture is of me and Heather, on a day we happened to have the same eye color, but I thought it kind of reminded me of a split personality hahaha!

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