Sunday, December 11, 2011

Put a little Basque in your holiday (Part 2)

Now that you know a bit about this coal-mining mean man who I guess is kinda like a Santa Claus too, we move onto the next step of Basqueing up your holiday.  No festive season is complete without jolly tunes, so, here we go.

This song is a mix of the two popular Olenztero songs - Olentzero and Olentzero Big Head.  This is a mix of many singers that aired on EITB, the Basque TV channel here and I think it's quite catchy.  Here you can read along with the lyrics (translated too, thanks to Wikipedia)

Olentzero joan zaigu,              Olentzero has gone
mendira lanera                        to the mountains to work
intentzioarekin                        with the intention
ikatz egitera.                          of making charcoal.
Aditu duenean                        When he heard
Jesus jaio dala                        that Jesus has been born
lasterka etorri da                     he came running
berria ematera.                        to bring news

Horra horra                             There is, there is
gure Olentzero                        our Olentzero
pipa hortzian duela                  with the pipe between his teeth
eserita dago.                           he sits.
Kapoiak ere baitu                    He also has capons
arrautzatxoekin                       with little eggs,
bihar merendatzeko                 to celebrate tomorrow
botila ardoakin                        with a bottle of wine.

Olentzero, buru handia              Olentzero big head
entendimentuz jantzia,              robed in understanding
bart arratsean edan omen du      is said to have drunk last night
bost arroako zahagia.                a wineskin of five arrobas
Bai urde tripa handia!                 Oh big-bellied pig!
trala la la la, trala la lala             Tralaralala, tralaralala.
Bai urde tripa handia!                 Oh big-bellied pig!
trala la la la,la la lala                  Tralaralala, tralaralala.

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