Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boos and Bravos of my Day

Well, today had its ups and downs. Here they are:

BRAVO - I found a store I can rent movies (películas) at, set up an account and rented Volver. Good practice saying my phone number and my address haha! While I don't really understand what day I am supposed to bring it back, I still think it is a Bravo because I set up some sort of account by myself!

BRAVO - I changed my computer to be Spanish so now I can type things like: ñ, í, á, ¿, ¡ and such. While it seems like an easy switch, there are a lot of differences on the keyboard, so it has taken me awhile to figure out where the colon, parentheses, quotations and other keys are because they have all moved around, so if you see puncation errors, I am sorry!

BOO - After all my raving about the amazing Fall weather, I should have known it wouldn't last! Today it started out nice, then BAM it started pouring and lasted all day. I started off the day in a long sleeve dress and flats, which fit the weather nicely in the morning, but man, when I was coming home on the bus, I was freeeeeeezing.

BRAVO - I bought the activity/exercise book for my Spanish text. Now I can do even more homework hahaha. So silly to be excited about homework, but I am really pumped to become fluent, so if homework helps then I will do it!

BRAVO - While walking to the movie place today, someone asked me- ME for directions to a store and I was proud because 1) I actually understood what they said, 2) I knew where the store was and 3) I was able to give directions in Spanish, which is something I have not done in quite some time!

BOO - I finally found waffles after a month of looking only to realize that I still have not found syrup. ¿Dondé está Señora Buttersworth? (Where is Mrs. Buttersworth?) I guess I will continue my searches.

BRAVO - My classes all went really well today. I had an 18-year old who is preparing for a huge English certificate test, 4 teenage girls who were very giggly today and a small group of 8 year-olds who loved learning about food.

BRAVO - I cooked a delicious dinner, am cuddled up in my pajamas and am going to watch a movie and then go to sleep...perfect rainy day weather!

That kind of sums up my day...nothing too exciting but still not completely dull! More Bravos than Boos! That's always good! I hope all is well with you guys and the weather is better for you!



Marshall said...

Try the huge Eroski for the syrup (ethnic aisle). They have straight up 100% maple syrup. Costs way too much, but it does the job. Love the blogs by the way, brings me back. -Marshall (Emily's husband-the former you)

Amanda said...

Marshall! I should have known - that aisle is GOLD! I have already bought peanut butter, stuff for making tacos and ramen from it! I should have figured I could find some syrup...thanks for the tip! Glad to hear from you, Lucas always asks about you and I always tell him you say hi and that you are surfing a lot which he loves! How is Cali treating you guys?