Monday, October 6, 2008

Highlights of my Monday (Lunes)

Hi everyone. It was just a regular Monday but I wanted to share the good highlights :)

1) I woke up early to go to the grocery store to buy some cereal so I could eat breakfast before I caught the bus at 10:30am. I go to a grocery store called Lidl by my apartment that sells food but also a random array of household stuff each week. So, I arrived at the store at 9am when the store opened and found out that the new items come out on that day, so within 5 minutes of being there, the store was PACKED. It worked out though - I bought a nice rain coat, which I have been needing, for 11 euros. I got my cereal too...Sugar Smacks are the pick of the week. Tasty cereal and a good deal on a rain coat - good start to the morning.

2) My boss told me that my students have all been saying really good things about my classes and they love coming to English class and really like me. One of my students today asked me if when she gets older can I still be here English teacher - adorable.

3) I found out that you can take the fresh baugettes and loafs of bread at the grocery store by my work and take them to the deli/meat counter and have them make you a sandwich (bocadilla). Turkey (pavo) and cheese (queso - I get Havarti) - oh the regular joys of life. No mayonaise, but I won't complain. Highlight 2 of the grocery store - I found applesauce.

4) Got a new roommate today and when I arrived home, he had made dinner for the entire house...perfect, since I was starving. Another German, this one just hiked the Pyrenees for 40 days and just moved here for fun - random but very nice. What would be REALLY nice is if a girl moved it!

5) I determined that my bus driver has a crush on the girl who works at the toll booth on the freeway when the line for the pass (that you know ALL buses have for toll freeways) had no one in it, and the line for actually paying cash had a long line and he stopped in that one, and held a little conversation with the girl, who was blushing and smiling the whole time. Aww crushes.

Well, that's my day in a nutshell - nothing crazy but some high points :) It's the little things in life that make it great! I hope you had a lovely day as well!


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main squeeze said...

1. i hope your head feels better
2. you have a roommate?! and it's a boy?!?! :)
3. misssss youuuuuu