Sunday, October 26, 2008

Un Sábado Ocupdado (A busy Saturday)

Happy Weekend! I can't beleive it's almost November...which will mean I have almost been here for TWO months, crazy! While I have been here that long, I still find things to do on the weekend that I haven't done before or go new places, and today was no exception. I slept in after a late night last night with friends and then was out the door, with no plan in mind (very Basque-like!) The day provided a relaxing walk and many pictures for you guys to see!

I started off on the Boulevard, the main drag in San Sebastian. I heard a bunch of music and activity coming from one of of the street and decided to go check it out. Guess what it was? Ohhhh a cheese competition. It was like San Sebastian Cheese Festival or something and there were about 20 booths sampling thier cheeses and selling cheese sandwiches for 1 euro. I, of course, was delighted. I sampled a few cheeses, I have no idea what I tried but I liked most of them. I also grabbed a cup of cider that is so popular here! The cheese was SO expensive to buy a big round of but I was quite happy with the little samples and the 1 euro sandwiches. Good lunch. I don't know how they determined the winner, but it happened to be one of the stands I bought a sandwich from! You can see the trophy in the pic...its that wooden thing on the left! Woo hoo, I have good taste in cheese besides Tillamook. Mmmmm cheese.

After the winner was announced and I had loaded up on delicious cheese, I decided I should head to a part of the harbor I have not ventured to yet. The weather has went back to being nice so today it was sunny skies and about 70º out which was good because the breeze from the water can be chilly. I walked the part of the harbor that is right on the water and was suprised to see so many painters out. This town is lovely and I guess inspires many people to interpret that. I originally thought maybe everyone was part of some class and they were doing thier paint exercise outside but they were everywhere I walked, so I determined everyone just likes to paint ha. Maybe I will make it a new hobby!

I continued walking and found a spot where the waves sometimes rushed up over the bank and splashed on the people! It was pretty entertaining. I found a place where the waves had not come over the wall and decided to sit there for awhile. It was the perfect amount of breeze and sometimes the splash would make the air a little misty but nothing bad...UNTIL a huge wave came and I got soaked hahahahahah. After that I just gave up and started walking home, stopping along the way to see other people get soaked and I tried to see how long I could stand next to the wall until I needed to run haha. It was very fun but I had not planned on getting so wet, oh well! I did see this lady sitting on wall and she must go there a lot because she NEVER got wet, she just sat there while everyone else was getting soaked. Next time I go back to test the huge waves, I will just sit there...not a very good place if you're afraid of heights though!

I spent most of the rest of the day at the beach with friends. We did homework, practiced speaking in Spanish and just relaxed. It was a nice end to the day. Hopefully we have just as nice weather tomorrow!


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