Sunday, October 12, 2008

Una Semana Aburrida (A Boring Week)

Hola everyone! Nothing too exciting to report here. I haven't been feeling too well this week or this weekend so I spent a lot of time resting and watching movies trying to recouperate. Now as I type, I am watching an episode of Law and Order - just like I used to every Sunday in NYC. While it wasn't an action-packed week, I found some things worthy of sharing :-)

I went to Eroski (the place like Target/Wal-Mart) to buy a blow-dryer. Now in Target or Wal-Mart you would normally find them in the area around the bathroom stuff like shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, etc. So I would figure the same would be for this store, but oh I was wrong. After searching that section I thought, ok, maybe it's in the section of bathroom stuff like bathmats, shower curtains, etc. Wrong again. Finally I asked a lady where the secadoras (I think that's how you spell it or something - it's the word for blow-dryer) and plancha del pelo (literally iron of the hair - for hair straightners). Turns out they are in the electronics section. I was a bit suprised when I walked there to find a blow-dryer sold next to microwaves, TVs, stereos and toasters. I guess it kind of makes sense - sell anything that plugs-in in one area - but I never would have thought of it haha.

Next weird thing of the week happened at my busstop. I was running to get a coffee before I jumped on the bus and walked past a lady feeding the ducks. Not normally a weird act, but turns out she was feeding them lechuga (lettuce). Now I have done my fair share of duck-feeding, and I think that you feed them bread crumbs and such - am I right? I though it was so funny that she was feeding them lettuce - like they were on a diet or something. I tried to steal a picture of her, but wasn't too successful because she saw me doing it and ran off.

On my way home on Friday night I saw a nice little demonstration. I took one of the pamplets that they were handin out and it was all about how they don't want a building built in some area of town. It was amusing because they were blocking the main street for about 20 minutes. People were just sitting in thier cars, not able to move. A parking garage empties out on to the street and people were backed-up into the garage and honking loud as can be! After a bit of time they marched off the street into the plaza and life continued like nothing had happened.

During a random walk around the town, I stumbled onto a street fair, which I always love. I found a bunch of stuff - art, frames, jewelry, crafty stuff, etc. Of course I had to stop by the jewelry booths and check out the rings - my favorite. I picked out a homemade ring from some Basque lady - my first Spanish jewelry purchase. I am sure there will be many more to come!

Highlight of my week: Grammy got home from her cruise that seemed like it lasted for months! It was the longest I had went without talking to her since I moved away from Washington and I missed her TONS! Everyone knows how often I talk to my Grammy so to go for 3 1/2 weeks without talking to her was hard! But she is back, safe and sound, and sounds like she had a great time on her amazing cruise! Glad to have you back Grammy!

As you can see, nothing too crazy happened this week. After many naps and a bunch of sleeping-in, I feel much better and am ready to take on another week of kids! I made a couple updates to the blog for you guys! You now will have a Spanish 'word of the day' to brush you up on some Spanish lingo! I also added a few of my favorite shots of Spain so far...more to come! I hope you had a great weekend - hopefully more exciting than mine!


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Ariana said...

Glad to see you found a street fair and, of course, a funky ring! Not so different from nyc! ;)