Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dulces sueños para mi! (Sweet Dreams for me)

I just woke up and am headed to work early for a private lesson, but wanted to share a quick funny dream I just had. I had a dream I got lost on my way to the bus, which is virtually impossible since it is about 5 minutes walking distance from my house. I ended up in a different part of town and what did I see? STARBUCKS! Hahaha, did I really just have a dream about Starbucks? Well, in my dream I went in and found out that the regular wait time for your drink is 30 minutes, no good. Since I was lost I realized I couldn't wait that long since I needed to catch my bus. I am guessing that if I didn't have a bus to catch, I would have waited. Then I woke up and realized, alas, there is no Starbucks here!

I do have Panchito's which I mentioned awhile ago. It is rather tasty and is a good Starbucks substitute. I usually get a vanilla latte, which when said with a spanish accent sounds more like bye-nilla latte. In fact, I am headed out right now to get one! Someone though...please get a carmel macchiato today and while you drink it, think of me! Hopefully I will feel the energy across the globe!

Enjoy your day!


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