Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Spanish Class Today!!!

Today was my first day of Spanish lessons - it wasn't really much of a class, but more a meet and greet of my teacher. Her name is Carmen and she is a friend of my boss who speaks Euskera (Basque), Castellano (Spanish) and Ingles (English). She seems very nice and helped my friends who taught here last year with thier Spanish as well. We met and talked about where I am from, how I am liking the job, yada yada. That was all in English, which I happen to speak very well haha. Then we switched to Spanish! She talks SO fast! I was able to understand most of what she was saying but I get so embarassed and nervous when I have to speak - I guess for fear of sounding like an idiot. I did pretty well and was able to carry on a converstaion. She taught me some new phrases and funny thing - one of them included my Spanish Word of the Day that I post on my blog for you guys. Today the word was 'contar' which can mean to tell or to count. Today she told me how to say 'tell me _____' which I guess could be a helpful phrase! I just thought it was quirky that the day that I post that verb, it comes up in a converstaion! That doesn't happen! I will have Spanish lessons on Monday and Wednesday for an hour each and will be purchasing the book over the weekend - it is called Rapido Rapido, which means Quick Quick - hopefully that means I will become fluent in Spanish quick quick! I will keep you posted. And get this, I ASKED for homework for this weekend. She agreed and I assigned myself a Spanish movie to watch (Volver with Penelope Cruz), a TV show to watch even though I don't have a TV - hopefully I can find it online, and I also volunteered to read some articles in the newspaper and explain on Monday what they were about. Jeesh - I must miss school because I just asked for a ton of homework (tarea). I am really excited though :D

As for the rest of the day, nothing crazy, just a gorgeous sunny day here in Donostia! I snapped this pic of the beach (playa) and part of the city (ciudad) from behind a plant that looked rather palm-tree-ish. I thought it was pretty and a nice bright green - something different than a plain shot of the crystal blue water, a new view. I also added it to my 'fave shots' on the right :D

Off to bed now - tomorrow offers quite a challenge - four classes in a row of kids all under the age of 8 - aaaaaaaah! I am hoping I don't go crazy...Thursdays are a bit rambunctious!


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Ariana said...

Volver is a fabulous movie! I think you will really like it! Let me know~