Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovely Lunes

Hi again! Just a quick note to say that I am feeling better and had a great Monday - as I hope you did as well. Got up early and headed to work for a private class. I spent about 1.5 hours prepping for my young classes. Each week they do a new 'manualidades' which I guess translates to arts & crafts. Anything that involves cutting, gluing and all that jazz. This week we are making clowns (payaso in spanish) that are holding balloons. The class that did it today loved it - I am glad it's a hit. I always love making these kids excited about learning - they have such a good time!

During my break, I grabbed a sandwich and headed down to the water. It was a gorgeous day out today and didn't want to waste it. Here is a shot of the water where I was sitting. On the other side of this body of water is France - I get to see it every day! Sadly, I only know how to say j'ampel Amanda - which is not even how you spell it- but it's how you say my name is Amanda. That's my extent of French! Spanish classes start on Wednesday...I will master that first then maybe I will attempt French - we will see.

After a nice jog (yay tennis shoes) I bought my holiday tickets! While I will not be coming home for Christmas, I am packing my holiday break full of fun. It will be my FIRST Christmas not with my family, and I know it's going to be sad and very weird, but I am hoping that I will be so busy that my holiday spirit will stay up. I get off work on the 19th and then fly to Brussels, Belgium on the 20th. I am meeting up with my friend from Kelso, Natalie Roberts (now Natalie James) and her husband (Beau) and thier son Owen. Beau is in the military and is stationed in Brussels and they have spent Christmas here before and already have it all planned out! We will spend 4 days in Brussels, seeing the sights, then head to Garmish, Germany from the 24th-27th for Christmas. From what Natalie tells me, it is in the mountains and basically is like being in a perfect snowglobe - I am excited. On the 28th I fly to Rome and meet up with a friend! We are spending New Year's Eve there and will stay until the 6th, when I have to return to Bilbao. I am very excited for this different and adventerous holiday break :)

I am headed to bed now. Hope everyone had a lovely Lunes as well.


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